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Our Ciabatta Bread


We started baking our own ciabatta bread years ago when our local HEB stopped making it. We figured we'd just make our own!

One thing led to another as we adjusted recipes, tweaked process and bake times, and we now have our family favorite loaf bread, which we are pleased to share with you.

We started out making artisan loaves - the same form we bought from HEB - but we really wanted more of a loaf to have consistent slice sizes for morning toast and sandwiches. What we offer is more of an artisan-pan loaf.

You will notice our loaves are not your light, fluffy store bread. We don't like for our toast to be cold before you get the jam spread. Our ciabatta needs a "Caution - HOT" notice because it will stay at toaster temperature for quite some time!

Adding chocolate chips was not a logical step for what is decidedly not a sweet bread - but the combination works very well, we think. You'll have to try it and judge for yourself.

Making a cinnamon-raisin loaf was done, truth be told, at a customer's suggestion - and we're glad we did! Try it as french toast! It's great!

Homestead Texas Farm Ciabatta bread is available at the weekly farmers market (for as long as they last) or we can bake a special order - from our family to yours!

August 07, 2021